Samurai Legend

The Wandering Samurai, like Widget and Karate Joe, is a recurring character within the Rhythm Heaven series, appearing in each of the games in the series. As a result, you are introduced to this unique character through each game's story, which helps establish him or her as a formidable character throughout the series. Here's a little more information on the characters that appear in each game of the Rhythm Heaven series. Wandering illustration In the first game, Widget, the Wandering Samurai appears as a warrior who is in search of a "Power Source" in order to help the people of Japan. While he is not really in a hurry to do this, Widget soon realizes that he has many enemies to take care of before he can complete his mission. When he is finally able to reach the end of the Samurai Temple, he learns of a Power Source. He uses this new found power to defeat his enemies and is eventually rewarded with a new partner in Widget - a robot named Widget, which has the ability to fight enemies. After discovering the Power Source, Widget becomes more determined to reach his goal and to defeat the Wandering Samurai as well. While this means that Widget will have to face more obstacles, his goal remains the same - to make sure that the Japanese population remains free from enemies and to aid the people of Japan by putting an end to the ever-growing threat of the "Gods of War."In the second game, Widget meets a girl called Karumu who also has a Power Source. Although the two share a bond, their personalities and goals are worlds apart. Eventually, the two find themselves drawn together by the presence of their respective Power Sources. Widget and Karumu are both recruited by an evil organisation called the Galactic Overlords to help them defeat the Wandering Samurai. While this is going to be a tough fight for both, Widget and Karumu are able to work together to make it so. However, with each of their power sources being used, they eventually discover that their powers are not limitless, and that only enough of them can be kept in reserve for them to become powerful enough to defeat the Samurai.

Widget and Karumu Meet The Samurai

The third game, the fifth in the series, sees Widget and Karumu meet the mysterious samurai once again, and when he gives them his own Power Source. They use this mysterious power to put an end to the Galactic Overlords' plans. Widget and Karumu become the best of friends after they become a part of the same team, as the relationship between Widget and Karumu grows stronger. Eventually, Karumu falls in love with Widget, but she soon discovers that the Samurai's original purpose is not just to protect the Japanese people - he wants to fulfill his destiny by stopping the evil Dr. N and restoring peace to Japan. Unfortunately, it is up to Widget to stop the doctor from becoming evil once again. Wandering photo Widget and Karumu make up as a team again after N and his army of Robot Men, including N's Robot army, invade Earth. Once again, Widget, now with his partner Widget, battle against these evil robots. Although this time, they are joined by the evil Robot Emperor, King of the robot. When the series ends, Widget and Karumu find themselves on Earth, with their new Power Source now stolen by the Samurai. However, this time, Widget is a member of a new team of wanderers on the outskirts of Tokyo. Eventually, the pair manage to recover their former teammates, although they have to face a variety of obstacles along the way. For those of you who didn't know, Widget and Karumu are two young boys. And it was all thanks to a boy called Widget, that these two kids found out about the good side of their destiny. and the fact that they could actually be great partners for each other. But, because of the nature of these games, their friendship has often been taken for granted. As I've said, the games in this series have been extremely well-liked by fans of Samurai and other Japanese games. So if you're looking for something to play that is both exciting, try Samurai Legend. You won't regret it.