Born Of Defiance (Comic)

Born out of Defiance, Talyn Batur has devoted the last half of his life combating against the discrimination of his own people. An outcast from birth, a member of the Andarii people born as an alien in a war with the Federation, Talyn is by far one of the most sought after bounty hunters on the galaxy. Born as an Andarii - an alien race from the Star Trek series - this is no ordinary man. Of re-creationAn Andoran outcast from the proud people of their homeworld, An Andarii is something no one would want to be, especially an outcast from his own race. Despite the prejudice against him by his own people, Talyn has put together an unconventional career that has earned him a considerable number of bounties. His past and present are both intertwined, resulting in a series of events that put the two of them on opposing sides.

Tragic Death

When Talyn was only eight years old, his father, a high-ranking member of the Andarii hierarchy, died during a terrorist attack. With this tragic loss, Talyn was thrown into a world of violence and danger. Talyn's only chance of survival was to leave his homeland and make a living on the streets of the galactic colonies. His experiences while on the streets shaped who he is today. After a brief stint in the military, Talyn left the service and turned to bounty hunting. Talyn's first assignment was to track down an escaped terrorist, whom he successfully captured, before being forced to turn him over to the authorities due to his refusal to become one of the Federation's bounty hunters, helping people escape bad contracts and arrangements. Talyn's next assignment was to hunt down a fugitive known only as "Mister X", a rogue who was attempting to escape the law and elude his captors. Talyn tracked Mister X down, only to find that this person had been working undercover as an agent for the Federation. An intense confrontation ensued, resulting in the loss of the fugitive and the loss of Mister X's ship, the Andorian warship "Vanguard". Following these incidents, Talyn decided it was time to move on and try out a new career. He chose to stay in Born Of Defiance and start anew, making it his home, where he has built up a large following of followers, including the people he once encountered as a child. Defiance originalIn the course of this time, he became a respected leader amongst his peers and established himself as a skilled bounty hunter. With his skills in tracking, Talyn has earned himself a large number of bounties and has even managed to earn the title of Outlaw. Talyn is a formidable Hunter, using every means at his disposal to catch those who break the law and fight off bounty hunters who have been put there by other bounty hunters. Talyn is a skilled hunter, using a variety of weapons and gadgets to battle his enemies. He is not as easily angered as some other bounty hunters, but still manages to take out those who cross his path. Born Of Defiance is the first of a series of four novels, based on the comic book. A fourth book, entitled "A Murder of Crows" is on its way. The series is written by William Dufris and illustrated by Robert Davis, and is expected to be released in 2020 by DC Entertainment. The comic has received a great deal of attention from fans, with many of whom have predicted that it will soon become one of the best selling books in the industry. So if you are looking for a good solid, gritty science fiction comic book with a lot of action, Born Of Defiance may be just the ticket!